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Cloud Computing Expo 2009 East

  Delivering Massively Scalable Enterprise IT as a Service

Triumph Over the Recession -- Connect Yourself To
The Cloud in '09
2nd International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo
New York City | March 30 - April 1, 2009

Call For Papers for Cloud Computing Expo Europe Expires April 7, 2009!
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OPENING KEYNOTER: Dr Werner Vogels, VP & CTO, Amazon.com
DAY 2 KEYNOTER: Dr Kristof Kloeckner, Cloud Computing CTO, IBM
DAY 3 KEYNOTER: David Douglas, Sr. VP of Cloud Computing, Sun Microsystems

With the advent of Cloud Computing, the cost of computation, application hosting and content storage and delivery is plunging fast by several orders of magnitude.

This is why many analysts and industry-watchers believe that Cloud Computing is changing not just the technology landscape but also the entire nature of the business models that underpin successful software and hardware companies.

Entrepreneurial opportunities abound as this classic disruptive technology begins to proliferate and the 2nd International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, being held 30 March - 1 April 2009 in New York City, is going to be the biggest ever conference specifically devoted to delivering and/or using massively scalable Enterprise IT as a service using Internet technologies.

Our organizing principle is that through our intensive 3-day schedule of keynotes, general and breakout sessions, attending delegates will be assured of leaving the Conference with abundant resources, ideas and examples they can apply immediately to leveraging the Cloud, helping them to maximize performance, minimize cost and improve the scale of their endeavors.

Click here to view Themes & Topics featuring in NYC, March 30-April 1, 2009

Top Keynotes, Sessions, Top Delegates
This event features 100+ technical sessions from the leading industry players including Amazon, Sun, IBM, HP, Yahoo!, Salesforce, 3tera, Egenera, RightScale, Elastra, CohesiveFT, Cisco, Trend Micro, and many, many more. All the main layers of the Cloud ecosystem are represented - the infrastructure players, the platform providers, and those offering applications. The high-energy event is a must-attend for senior technologists including CIOs, CTOs, directors of infrastructure, VPs of technology, IT directors and managers, network and storage managers, network engineers, enterprise architects, and communications and networking specialists.

Over the next five years, IDC expects spending on IT cloud-based services to grow almost threefold, reaching $42 billion by 2012 and accounting for 9% of revenues in five key market segments. More importantly, spending on cloud computing will accelerate throughout the forecast period, capturing 25% of IT spending growth in 2012 and nearly a third of growth the following year.

Please join us at the 2nd International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo. There is no time like the present to Connect Yourself To The Cloud !

New York Keynote: Monday, March 30 - 2:00-2:45PM
Ahead in the Cloud - The Power of Infrastructure as a Service

Building the right infrastructure that can scale up or down at a moment's notice can be a complicated and expensive task, but it's essential in today's business landscape. This applies to an enterprise trying to cut-costs, a young business unexpectedly saturated with customer demand, or a start-up looking to launch.

There are many challenges when building a reliable, flexible architecture that can manage unpredictable behaviors of today's internet business. This presentation will review some of the lessons learned from building one of the world's largest distributed systems: Amazon.com.

Dr. Werner Vogels is Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at Amazon.com where he is responsible for driving the company's technology vision.

New York Keynote: Tuesday, March 31 - 7:30-8:15AM
Cloud Computing and the Enterprise

This presentation will draw on IBM’s experience working with customers and operating 13 cloud centers world wide to review the conditions under which cloud computing can deliver its promise of flexibility and cost savings in the delivery of IT services to the enterprise.

We will discuss the importance of dynamic infrastructures and service management for both public and private clouds, cloud service life cycles and integration between public clouds and enterprise services. We will also talk about standards required for interoperability between clouds and application scenarios that demonstrate the use of cloud computing in an enterprise context for a smarter planet.

Dr Kristof Kloeckner, CTO, Enterprise Initiatives and VP, Cloud Computing Platforms of IBM is based in Somers, New York

New York Keynote: Wednesday, April 1 - 8:30-9:15AM
A World of Many Clouds

Sun is committed to making cloud computing a pervasive reality. Sun's open source philosophy and Java principles form the core of a strategy to provide interoperability for large-scale computing resources through open and transparent cloud platforms that minimize lock-in. Sun envisions a world of many clouds, delivered by different service providers, to meet a variety of business needs.

This keynote session by Sun's Dave Douglas will investigate how enterprise IT operations can take advantage of this emerging world of many clouds to achieve the cost and flexibility advantages that cloud computing allows while maintaining control of their IT infrastructure.

Dave Douglas is Chief Sustainability Officer at Sun Microsystems. He is also, as Sr. VP of Cloud Computing, responsible for Sun's cloud computing business, with a focus on creating reliable, scalable and sustainable computing and storage servers, as well as the company's developer tools and services.

Conference Faculty - A Who's Who of Cloud Computing Technology Rock Stars!
International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo faculty alumni include such notable speakers as: David Bernstein, VP/GM Office of CTO Cloud Computing of Cisco; Stuart Charlton, Chief Software Architect of Elastra; Vik Chaudhary, VP Product Management of Keynote Systems; Peter Coffee, Director of Platform Research of Salesforce.com; Patrick Kerpan, CTO of CohesiveFT; Sajai Krishnan, CEO of Parascale; Bill McColl, Founder & CEO of Cloudscale; Ken Oestreich, VP Product Marketing of Egenera; Bob Quinn, Founder, Chairman, & CEO of 3Leaf Systems; Raghavan Srinivas, Technology Evangelist of Intuit; Omer Trajman, Director of Field Engineering of Vertica Systems; Thorsten von Eicken, CTO of RightScale; Rich Wolski, Professor of Computer Science of UCSB; Brian Zhangi, President & CEO of Kadient; Alex Bakman, Founder & CEO of VKernel; Ken Berryman, SVP Strategy & Emerging Businesses of Symantec; Etay Bogner, CTO of Neocleus; Shawn Cooney, Co-Founder and Director of Research of Certeon; Martin Ingram, VP Strategy of AppSense; and Jay Litkey, Founder, President & CEO of Embotics.

Leading-Edge Sessions in March in New York, NY, Include...

Web-Scale Computing with Hadoop

This session discusses the challenges of web-scale computing, and Yahoo!'s approach to addressing these issues. It provides an overview of Apache Hadoop, an open source distributed computing platform that provides a scalable infrastructure that enables computation across thousands of nodes using over petabytes of storage. The session will provide examples of how Hadoop is being used at Yahoo! and other organizations to address challenges.

Speaker Bio: Ajay Anand is Director of Product Management for Grid Computing at Yahoo!. He was product manager of Sun's first high availability file and database servers, and then worked in product and marketing management roles in the areas of storage management, middleware and identity management. Previously he was Director of Product Management for SGI's storage products and Aspect's customer management middleware. Anand has an MS in Computer Engineering and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and a BSEE from the Indian Institute of Technology.

On the Path to Cloud Nirvana

How do cloud platforms assure that your application will perform well and meet the high expectations for your end users? In this presentation, we will take these clouds on a test flight - by running an application on a cloud platform, and examining performance bottlenecks and their impact on functionality by looking at how various clouds make it easy or hard to monitor the reliability and availability of applications. Developers and IT managers will leave this presentation with a solid approach to answering the question "is it the cloud, the app, or just me?"

Speaker Bio: Vik Chaudhary serves as vice president of product management and corporate development at Keynote Systems, Inc., The Mobile & Internet Performance Authority®, and a public technology company in Silicon Valley. He is responsible for leading Keynote's world-class product management team and has extended the company into new markets via 13 acquisitions and geographic expansions. He has spent 19 years in chief executive, marketing and engineering positions at blue-chip and start-up Silicon Valley companies. Before joining Keynote, he was CEO and founder of e-business measurements company Bizmetric, director of product management at database pioneer Gupta Technologies, and software engineering project leader at Oracle. Mr. Chaudhary is a frequent speaker at industry events on software strategy, M&A and new ventures, and has been featured in the New York Times and on the ABC News Nightline program. Mr. Chaudhary holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Cloud Transformation of Business Models, Architectures, and Usage

This session will discuss how Cloud Computing is changing the face of business. The Cloud’s impact is felt in transforming business models, architectures, and usage. We will be discussing the disruption and changes in business models that Cloud is bringing to all forms of businesses, and the areas for the new Cloud Operating Environment that is required for the business models to be successful. Blakely will focus on various examples in the consumer, small-medium business, and large enterprise markets; and the architectural transformational efforts these firms employ to harness the power of cloud and deliver new performance in business.

Speaker Bio: Jim Blakley is Director of Data Center Virtualization at Intel. He leads technical and strategic engagements with enterprises and service providers in virtualization and cloud computing to enable technology adoption and understand future user needs. He works with Intel product teams and with the ecosystem to translate those needs to technology requirements and solutions. Mr. Blakley holds 4 patents for telecommunications systems and services and is the author of numerous publications. He holds a Masters in Management from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, a Masters of Communication, Information and Control Engineering from the University of Michigan and a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering also from the University of Michigan.

The Anatomy of a Cloud: Public or Private?

Cloud storage comes in two flavors: public or private. Whether you choose to rent cloud storage (a public cloud) or buy cloud storage (a private cloud inside your firewall), there is a lot to consider. This session will review the choices a user faces when evaluating a private versus public cloud storage offering. It will describe data types and identify scenarios where cloud storage is a good choice, and where it is not. We will also cover usage patterns, security, performance and cost implications to educate delegates on the differences between public and private cloud storage.

Speaker Bio: Sajai Krishnan is CEO of ParaScale. He drives overall strategy and business execution for the company. Before ParaScale, he was General Manager of the StoreVault Division of NetApp, responsible for creating and developing the division's multi-national efforts within the mid-market segment. Prior to this appointment, Krishnan was the General Manager of NetApp's Storage Management Software business, overseeing the company's core management software offerings. Before joining NetApp, Krishnan was vice president at management consultants Booz Allen & Hamilton, and as a partner in the company's Communications, Media & Technology (CMT) practice. Krishnan started his career as a software engineer at Sun Microsystems. Krishnan has an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in addition to a master's degree in computer science from Rice University. His B.S. is in electronics engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras.

Assembling and Using Cloud Services with Service Component Architecture

As more data and code moves into the cloud, packaging and using those resources becomes more complex. Service Component Architecture (SCA), an open standard from OASIS, solves that problem in an elegant way. This session will use live demos to illustrate how to create an SCA service from code and data in the cloud. Once the services are assembled with SCA, we'll illustrate how changes to the services don't affect the applications that use them. The combination of cloud computing and SCA gives your applications maximum flexibility.

Speaker Bio: Doug Tidwell is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM. He was a speaker at the first XML conference in 1997, and has spoken on technical topics around the world. He works in IBM’s Software Strategy group, focusing on Cloud Computing and SOA. He is the author of O'Reilly's book on XSLT, a co-author of O'Reilly's book on SOAP, and has published dozens of articles and tutorials on IBM's developerWorks site and elsewhere.

The Complementary Cloud

Cloud computing should not be wrongly perceived as an either-or option, compared to other models of on-premise data centers or outsourced IT services. Non-proprietary protocols and fully disclosed interfaces let service consumers assemble solutions from multiple service providers, using each in the areas where its distinctive technologies and high-leverage APIs offer maximum advantage in creating new value -- or releasing it from current IT assets. System integrators can draw on an expanding universe of cloud-based components. This session will examine the current state of play and recommend best practices for buyers, sellers and resellers of cloud APIs and resources.

Speaker Bio: Peter Coffee, Director of Platform Research at salesforce.com, works with enterprise and entrepreneurial developers and IT managers to build a community based on the company's Force.com Platform as a Service. He was formerly the Technology Editor at eWEEK, an international multimedia center of expertise in enterprise infrastructure technology and practice. He has more than 26 years' experience in advancing and evaluating information technologies and practices as a software developer, IT manager, consultant, educator, and internationally published author and industry analyst.

Enhanced Security Models for Machine Image Deployments

Security is consistently rated as a leading customer concern impeding the full scale adoption of Cloud Computing. At the same time, security is viewed as complicated and painful. This session will help to ease the pain by focusing on the key issues to be considered along with specific best practices for deployment. This session will share a number of security models for IaaS machine images based upon these best practices to illustrate how we can improve upon the security state of the art in Cloud Computing today.

Speaker Bio: Glenn Brunette is a Distinguished Engineer and Chief Security Architect at Sun. For over 15 years, he has designed and delivered security architectures and solutions supporting a wide array of global customers. Currently, Brunette has focused his efforts on improving security for highly dynamic and scalable cloud-based architectures.

Designing the Cloud

The cloud will be the next big thing in IT. Yet much of the hype about the cloud, focused on potential cost savings, has obscured the true benefits it can offer. In this talk, Russ Daniels will describe how the characteristics of the cloud will shift the focus of design from internal business processes to ecosystems of experience. Daniels will go on to describe how the cloud will fundamentally change the way people and businesses connect to information and the profound impact this will have on every aspect of our lives.

Speaker Bio: Russ Daniels is chief technology officer of Cloud Services Strategy at HP. In this role, he sets the overarching business and technology strategies for HP's approach to the cloud. Daniels has more than 25 years of experience in the technology industry, specializing in software architecture, enterprise management, and software development methodologies. He has filled a wide range of staff and line management roles and run his own Internet Services business. From 2002 to 2007 Daniels was the chief technology officer of HP Software. During his tenure, the business tripled in revenue and emerged as a significant player in the software industry. He joined HP in 1999. Prior, Daniels spent 15 years at Apple, where he held a variety of technical and management positions, culminating in his role as a senior software architect.

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Cloud Expo - Cloud Looms Large on SYS-CON.TV

Cloud Expo 2013 East Opening Keynote by IBM
In this Cloud Expo Keynote, Danny Sabbah, CTO & General Manager, Next Generation Platform, will detail the critical architectural considerations and success factors organizations must internalize to successfully implement, optimize and innovate using next generation architectures.
Lisa Larson, Vice President of Enterprise Cloud Solutions of Rackspace Hosting Live From New York City
In the old world of IT, if you didn't have hardware capacity or the budget to buy more, your project was dead in the water. Budget constraints can leave some of the best, most creative and most ingenious innovations on the cutting room floor. It's a true dilemma for developers and innovators – why spend the time creating, when a project could be abandoned in a blink? That was the old world. In the new world of IT, developers rule. They have access to resources they can spin up instantly. A hybrid cloud ignites innovation and empowers developers to focus on what they need. A hybrid cloud blends the best of all worlds, public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers to fit the needs of developers and offer the ideal environment for each app and workload without the constraints of a one-size-fits-all cloud.

Keynote: Driving Cloud Innovation: SSDs Change Cloud Storage Paradigm
Cloud is a transformational shift in computing that can have a powerful effect on enterprise IT when designed correctly and used to its full potential. Join Citrix in a discussion that centers on building, connecting and empowering users with cloud services and hear examples of how enterprises are solving real-world business challenges with an architecture and solution purpose-built for the cloud.

Go Beyond IaaS to Deliver "Anything As a Service"
Many organizations want to expand upon the IaaS foundation to deliver cloud services in all forms—software, mobility, infrastructure and IT. Understanding the strategy, planning process and tools for this transformation will help catalyze changes in the way the business operates and deliver real value. Join us to learn about the new ITaaS model and how to begin the transformation.

Cloud Computing Latest News & Posts
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The platform combines the strengths of Singtel's extensive, intelligent network capabilities with Microsoft's cloud expertise to create a unique solution that sets new standards for IoT applications," said Mr Diomedes Kastanis, Head of IoT at Singtel. "Our solution provides speed, tran...
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Darktrace is the world's leading AI company for cyber security. Created by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Darktrace's Enterprise Immune System is the first non-consumer application of machine learning to work at scale, across all network types, from physical, virtuali...
Codete accelerates their clients growth through technological expertise and experience. Codite team works with organizations to meet the challenges that digitalization presents. Their clients include digital start-ups as well as established enterprises in the IT industry. To stay co...
Platform9, the leader in SaaS-managed hybrid cloud, has announced it will present five sessions at four upcoming industry conferences in June: BCS in London, DevOpsCon in Berlin, HPE Discover and Cloud Computing Expo 2019.
Latest Virtualization Expo News
“We just completed the roll out of our first public and private cloud offerings, which are a combination of public, hybrid, and private cloud,” stated Erik Levitt, CEO of Open Data Centers, in this SYS-CON.tv interview at the 14th International Cloud Expo®, held June 10-12, 2014, at the Javits Center in New York City. Cloud Expo® 2014 Silicon Valley, November 4–6, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, will feature technical sessions from a rock star conference faculty and the...
In today's application economy, enterprise organizations realize that it's their applications that are the heart and soul of their business. If their application users have a bad experience, their revenue and reputation are at stake. In his session at 15th Cloud Expo, Anand Akela, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Application Performance Management at CA Technologies, will discuss how a user-centric Application Performance Management solution can help inspire your users with every appli...
Performance is the intersection of power, agility, control, and choice. If you value performance, and more specifically consistent performance, you need to look beyond simple virtualized compute. Many factors need to be considered to create a truly performant environment. In their General Session at 15th Cloud Expo, Phil Jackson, Development Community Advocate at SoftLayer, and Harold Hannon, Sr. Software Architect at SoftLayer, to discuss how to take advantage of a multitude of compute option...
Cloud Expo TV from Times Square
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SYS-CON's International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, held each year in California, New York and Prague is the leading event covering the fast-emerging Cloud Computing market for Enterprise IT professionals. Co-located with the International Virtualization Conference & Expo, the combined event will surely deliver the #1 i-Technology educational and networking opportunity of the year for those seeking to establish a market lead anywhere in the multiple layers of the Cloud Computing ecosystem.

Who Should Attend?

Senior Technologists including CIOs, CTOs, VPs of technology, IT directors and managers, network and storage managers, network engineers, enterprise architects, communications and networking specialists, directors of infrastructure Business Executives including CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, presidents, VPs, directors, business development; product and purchasing managers.

Cloud Computing Bootcamp

Introducing at Cloud Computing Expo 2009 East for the first time in New York City a full one-day, immersive "Cloud Computing Bootcamp" - led by developer-entrepreneur Alan Williamson, Founder of Blog-City.com and creator of the OpenBlueDragon CFML runtime engine.

View the full one-day schedule

Video Coverage of Cloud Computing Expo

Brian Stevens: The Opening of Virtualization
Jon Wallace: User Environment Management – The Third Layer of the Desktop
Brian Duckering & Ken Berryman: Managing Hybrid Endpoint Environments
Preeti Somal: Game-Changing Technology for Enterprise Cloud and Applications

 Conference Media Sponsor: Cloud Computing Journal

Cloud Computing Journal aims to help open the eyes of Enterprise IT professionals to the economics and strategies that utility/cloud computing provides. Cloud computing - the provision of scalable IT resources as a service, using Internet technologies - potentially impacts every aspect of how IT deploys and operates software.

Cloud Computing Conference & Expo 2009 East
Allstar Conference Faculty Speakers Include...










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Cloud Computing Expo Alumni Delegates Represents...

• AccuRev
• Adea Solutions
• Adobe Systems, Inc [3 delegates]
• Aeropostale, Inc
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• Akbank Training Center
• American Family Insurance
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Cloud Computing Blogs
In other words, VMware’s server density is higher. Boles suggests this means that customers should be “assessing virtualisation on a ‘cost per application’ basis. VM density has a sign
Traditionally, the way people have implemented high availability is by using a high-availability management package like Linux-HA[1], then configure it in detail for each application, file system moun